getting started

Hello, blogisphere!  (blogiverse?  whatever.)

I’m still trying to feel out how often I will/should be posting here, and exactly what everything will entail.  I’m not trendy enough to be a fashion or style blog, but I will probably tell you about something neat I learned every once in awhile, or an outfit I liked.

I’m not crafty enough to be a crafting DIY blog, but I am working on a few holiday projects with my mom right now, so, maybe expect to see those.

I’m not a mom, except for a doggy mom, so no mommy-blog stuff.  I also will never, EVER call Mosby my “fur baby.”

One of the things I do love to do is cook!  So, please expect recipes, photos, and yummy things on the semi-reg.  I also pretty frequently write reviews on Yelp!, so you might see some of that here too.

Oh, and Mosby and Graham will be around too.  Along with my thoughts on life.


How “Hank” became “Mosby.”

Graham and I have been together for almost three years, and we’ve been living together for a year. In the year we’ve been living together, we’ve been talking about getting a dog mostly the whole time.

Graham grew up with dogs. Boxers. He loves their rambunctious personalities and playful nature.

I did not grow up with a dog. I had an Airedale Terrier when I was very little, who we gave away to my grandmother because of allergies. I loved her, but did not live with her day in and day out.

Graham and I would often talk about what we wanted to name our future dog, and what type of dog we wanted. I’ve always loved Airedale’s, Wheaton terriers, those types of dogs. Graham doesn’t like their curly, wirey hair. He wanted a boxer. Or a bulldog. Or both. None of the names we’d ever picked out even came close to “Mosby.” They included goofy things like “Baba Ghannouj” “Pablo” and “Swarls Barkley.”

Adopting Mosby took me completely by surprise. A few weeks ago, I was at the shelter, looking at another dog. I enjoyed spending off-leash time with him, but knew he was too mellow for Graham. However, I asked Graham to go see him anyway. Two weeks later, (and this past Monday, 11/3/2014) I was at work, minding my own business, when I’m bombarded with text messages. Graham was at the shelter! I high-tailed it out of the office, and by the time I got to the shelter, Graham had Mosby (then called “Hank”) in the dog run area and they were getting to know each other. I immediately fell in love with this skinny, slobbery, energetic little man. We both knew that we’d be going home with him that evening, even though we pretended to have the “should we/shouldn’t we” talk.

That talk was very short.

As we laid in bed that night, with “Hank” snuggled at the foot of our bed, we discussed names. We brought out all of the old standbys. Nothing fit. I suggested some, he suggested some. Nothing fit. Right before I fell asleep, Graham said “Mosby?”

I woke up the next morning and it was Mosby. It fits him perfectly. Now, if we could just get him to start responding to it!


Introductions first, I suppose, because, first impressions are everything, right?

My name is Valerie. I’m 30 years old, and I live in a beautiful apartment in Chicago with my wonderful boyfriend, Graham. Graham does a great job of putting up with my Type-A, overly plansy, sometimes whacko (can you say PMS?) personality.

Valerie and Graham
Valerie and Graham

I love buying decorative knick-knacks (tschotckies, if you will) from Homegoods, Target, JoAnn Fabrics, World Market, or anywhere else that sells them to make our little city apartment a bit more home-y. This also drives Graham a little crazy. It’s November 5, 2014, and I’m already excited about decorating our apartment for Christmas. Did I mention that I never had a Christmas tree growing up? No, I wasn’t deprived. I’m Jewish. Or Jew-ish (non-practicing.)

I love to cook, but not so much to clean, which sometimes drives me crazy, because the idea that I’m going home later to an unkempt kitchen is making me a little cuckoo right now.

So, why baked goods and boxers? We just adopted a year and a half old Boxer puppy (is he still a puppy?) and named him Mosby. In the short time we’ve had him, we’ve learned that his is rambunctious, energetic, and in need of a lot of love!


This blog will follow our adventures of learning to be new doggie parents, as well as other lifestyle points such as cooking/eating, weight loss, décor, and other non-niche-y things.

Welcome to my life!